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Put Our Cost-Effective Professional Services to Work for Your Continued Growth and Innovation

Our Professional Services

Good people are hard to find, especially with the right amount of skills and experience to help achieve the business objectives of the enterprise. And with people being a business’s greatest asset, it’s critical to hire and retain highly-skilled, highly-motivated staff.

DFYN Professional Services allow you to leverage top talent when and where you need it most. We provide skilled resources to help you meet project deadlines and address skill shortages within specific business processes while remaining flexible and cost-effective for your organizational objectives.

DFYN Advantage

  • Access to experienced talent to meet your objectives and deadlines

  • Objective, fresh perspectives to help uncover growth opportunities
  • Employ talent with the perfect blend of skills for your current projects
  • Decreased burden without sacrificing quality of talent
  • Flexibility to add or remove talent as needed according to your needs
How Professional Services Help to Achieve Customer Success

Build Your Success Story With Our Professional Services

Brings in an array of benefits

  • Bring fresh and innovative ideas to your in-house team
  • Eliminate the cost and headache of recruitment process
  • Save time and speed up your project delivery
  • Meet your project goals within time
How to Handle a Professional Project with On-Site Model?

Handle Project with ON-Site Model

In this model our team of Microsoft certified professionals will be part of the client team working together. Together with the client’s team we plan, develop, deploy and support the project.

  • By augmenting your team with DFYN, you can get the right outcome without the costs and headaches associated with recruiting. You also have the option of engaging our team members remotely to make further savings on infrastructure costs.

  • Achieve project outcomes on time and on budget and work with proven individuals with the right skills.
How to Deliver a Professional Project with Offshore Model

Get Your Project Delivered with Offshore Model

The popular delivery model which is based on vendor sites is the Off-shore resource delivery model. It is also known as outsourcing. Teams interact via digital communication mediums like video conferencing, chat etc.

  • The project expense is greatly reduced as companies pay only for the service provided.
  • Our people are at the forefront of the industry. Gain a competitive edge by drawing upon our large pool of skilled testing professionals. If you need a specific skill-set, technology expertise or domain knowledge, you can find the right talent to add value to your project.

Why Choose Us?

What has made our business widely held is our relationship with our clients. Working alongside the clients helps to find the precise fit for your business.

Studying the core of a client technology project is a prerequisite for picking the relevant people with skills and expertise to fit client needs.

With over 2 decades of industry experience, Mobile programming has the experience and means needed to successfully recruit skilled professionals.

Our hiring model follows certain stages to ensure that every candidate is properly vetted, carefully chosen, and sustained through the hiring process.
Our centralized technical and human resource team interacts with onsite teams to support them in handling technical complications as well as work performance issues.
People are handpicked and trained for project and task management so that clients can access the project status real-time and get the project delivered on time.

Need help with Staff Augmentation?