Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence services revolutionize what your business can achieve — turning data from multiple sources into meaningful insights.

Here’s how DFYN brings together people, process and technology

We leverage Data and AI, predictive analytics, and cognitive services to connect between your data and bring unprecedented insights towards your business to maximize revenue and optimize costs to stay competitive. Enterprises are embracing data warehouses with build and scale capabilities on the cloud to experience higher performance, greater elasticity and reduced time to market.

Enables business/organizations to maximize ROI leveraging Machine Learning, Cognitive and other Analytical services.

  • Artificial Intelligence based solutions across range of business applications
  • Use Predictive Analytics solution to provide business insights
  • Leverage Machine Learning to enhance existing solutions and solve new problems

From building a strong data foundation, to implementing robust security and governance, to highly interactive intuitive analytical dashboard; we enable users to access and explore information critical for their function, decision making and productivity in the most secure manner. We help deliver insights that drive business productivity and growth!

  • Data Management and Discovery
  • Information Governance Definition
  • Data Insights and Visual Analytics

Data is a critical strategic asset for enterprises as they continue to evolve in their digital transformation journey. Building and deploying a modern data platform has become the need of the hour. We help customers build their data platform on Microsoft Azure for greater agility, productivity, and security.

  • Assessment of data platform
  • Data Lake and Data Lake Analytics
  • Data Migration – On-prem to Azure
  • Data Orchestration using Azure Data Factory
  • Azure HDInsight – Open source big data analytics service
  • Cortana Intelligence- Cloud based analytics & data platform

Rethink how you use Data & AI for business resilience

Data, Analytics and AI have the power to help you build market agility in a world of exponential change. The power of AI to help you get the most out of your people, process and technology is unparalleled, and the need has never been greater. In a recent global survey, most organizations are in their infancy when it comes to AI adoption.

At DFYN, we help you accelerate your use of Microsoft data, automation and AI capabilities to go further faster. It starts with the Microsoft analytics and AI stack, connected to the horsepower of Microsoft Azure. We can help you modernize your data platform, optimize your automation approach, and harness the full-blown capabilities of AI to solve real-world business problems across a variety of industries.

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Use the power of Data & AI for new results

When you’re working with data, you want to be able to crunch, twist, add, cut, slice and dice information – plus secure it, manage and govern it in many ways. Microsoft and DFYN can help, whether you want to harness data on-premises, accelerate insights and predictive analytics from the cloud, integrate intelligence into your applications or leverage AI to empower your innovation agenda.
We make it easy for you to use Microsoft’s data platform, no matter where you’re starting from or going to. We build it, run it, and can even manage it for you. We can also help you accelerate your move to the cloud. This enables you to take advantage of High availability, Reduced costs, Data protection, Security, and Agile development, all backed by Microsoft Azure, the only Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in enterprise cloud storage.

When it comes to managing your data, Microsoft’s database management system (DBMS) vision is the most complete and rated the highest for ability to execute. SQL Server offers scalability, performance and availability for mission-critical intelligent applications and data warehouses. It also connects you to real-time intelligence and end-to-end mobile BI with your choice of languages and platforms.
With a full selection of implementation versions, we can help you embrace mSQL, NoSQL, MariaDB, use virtual machines and use SQL Server in the cloud. DFYN is the best certified professionals for developing Azure web services and implementing Azure infrastructure solutions. Plus, we’ve helped more clients use Azure than any other partner.

If you’re looking to enrich information to help your customers identify and explore relevant content at scale, Microsoft Azure Cognitive Search is the answer.
Cognitive search goes beyond keywords, using cognitive skills for vision, language and speech, or advanced machine learning models and semantic search capabilities to understand intent and uncover insights across a range of content. Transform raw, unstructured data into discoverable content to provide users and customers with contextual and relevant results. Contact us to discover how you can deploy a powerful, fully configured search index quickly across your websites, web apps and mobile apps.

If you’re trying to make a leap instead of a steady progression, Microsoft Azure can help. Azure is a cloud set of over 100 services, which are always expanding and designed to help you increase productivity, develop and deploy cloud where you need and want it, and integrate intelligent applications and services.
One of the most popular Azure services is Azure Machine Learning, which enables computers to learn from data and experiences and then act on that information without human intervention. It features an experimentation platform for cloud to edge services, Azure Machine Learning Studio for fail-fast experimentation and Data Science Virtual Machines with preconfigured environments for data scientists.
We can help you get started. Through our design-led analytics workshops, we help you envision the possibilities of new products, new business models, operational efficiencies, advanced customer experiences and more.

Microsoft Data & AI Services

DFYN provides a range of Microsoft Data & AI services and can assist you with all of your data analytics needs. Here are some of our key areas of expertise

Data & AI Strategy

Create the strategy and roadmap for your Data & AI initiatives to maximize the business impact.

Data Engineering

Ingest, manage, and consume data coming from business applications, web, IoT, and elsewhere.

Data Analytics

Use tools like PowerBI for reporting, monitoring, and descriptive analytics to power business results.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning:

Use the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for diagnostic predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Data Architecture Modernization

Determine the best data architecture strategy and design and operate a modernized data fabric for optimal storage, security, integration and management.


Cloud-based and on-premise deployment of Data & AI tools using the latest cloud and web technologies

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