Trusted Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation Partners in India

Trusted Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation Partners in India

Unlock New Business Opportunities With Dfyntech Dynamics 365 Service

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Dynamics 365 CRM Implementation Services in india

DFYN Technologies is one of the leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM partners in India, we are committed to providing innovative and customized solutions to our clients. With over 15 years of experience, a team of more than 150 Dynamics CRM Consultants, and over 300 software implementations & support services.

DFYN Technologies helps business to design and implement comprehensive CRM strategies that seamlessly integrate with existing systems and processes.From implementing automation workflows to analyzing customer data, our solutions empower businesses to enhance customer interactions and drive growth.As India’s leading Microsoft Dynamics consulting firms, We also provide support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power BI, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and cloud transformation.

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    Our Range of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Services

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Products We Have Expertise In

    MS Dynamics 365 Marketing

    MS Dynamics 365 Marketing

    A comprehensive module aimed at creating consistent and convertible customer journeys and boosting your marketing team productivity. It provides an in-depth view of your marketing performance in the form of analytics dashboards, as well as the automation of key routine processes, ranging from email marketing to prospects scoring.

    MS Dynamics 365 Sales

    MS Dynamics 365 Sales

    With sales process automation and advanced AI capabilities, such as lead scoring, your sales team may focus on the right customers and efficiently close sales boosting your sales revenue. Dynamics 365 Sales houses multiple features: 360-degree customer view, sales playbooks, business card scanner, sales assistant and tops it off with outstanding integration capabilities. By integrating Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 35 Sales, you can deliver the value that every business searches for. The integration allows you to work with and synchronize data types that are common to both services and keep the data up-to-date in both locations.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer-service

    MS Dynamics 365 Customer Service

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service features a unified service desk as well as vast automation capabilities, ranging from the automated case and knowledge management, customer service reports, and dashboards to advanced chatbots to bolster your customer service productivity while delivering a personalized support experience to your customers.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 field-service

    MS Dynamics 365 Field Service

    It provides AI-enabled field service resources planning, management, and allocation that allow your technicians to aid your customers at the right time. With Dynamics 365 Field Service you may predict, detect and resolve any customers’ issues without in a proactive manner.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance

    MS Dynamics 365 Finance

    This module provides full visibility into your company’s financial resources, including resources’ spread and consumption, in a unified data view. With routine workflow automation enhanced with AI-based predictions, you can always be sure not to miss an invoice or a purchase order. Notable Dynamics 365 Finance features include cash flow forecast, ledger budgets and forecasts, and customer credit and collections management.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 operations

    MS Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

    To aid your business operations, this module houses automation capabilities ranging from automated orders and warehouse management to AI-based analytics allowing you to move from reactive to predictive business supply management.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 commerce

    MS Dynamics 365 Commerce

    An ecommerce platform that not only allows you to bring your business online but unifies your brick-and-mortar and online stores, while providing you with insightful analytics on your business performance. It offers wide automation and personalization capabilities resulting in a consistent shopping experience for your customers.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 human-resource

    MS Dynamics 365 Human Resources

    The software allows smart management of your workforce resources, helps you optimize your HR processes, and provides data-driven HR insights. This module offers automation capabilities for increased efficiency of internal communications and employee engagement.

    Dynamics 365 CRM Implementation Process

    What Our Client Says

    “For us, it was a really important part of our business growth plan to invest in a CRM system that could increase efficiency and productivity. Having an experienced partner in DFYN Technologies has made the integration very smooth. I’d highly recommend DFYN Technologies. The team knew Dynamics inside out, and made it their business to get to know our business in the same way. A really friendly and hardworking team and I’d definitely work with them again.”
    Tim Taylor, Head of Client Relationships, GEICO

    “As our customer base expanded, we needed a CRM that was built to our unique requirements. DFYN Technologies were immediately able to fulfil that requirement. We’ve seen our response rates, either by click throughs and leads – increase by up to around eight times. And now we can actually join these leads up to actual sales, all through the customisation work of DFYN Technologies and our CRM.”
    Anthony Pritchard, Marketing Director, RATPDev

    “Within just a few hours post-implementation, I’d identified 100 opportunities via the new CRM that I otherwise wouldn’t have uncovered. The ability for Managers to identify and share these high-value opportunities with the team is completely transformative to our business.”

    Kevin Thomas, Relationship Manager, ALLIED ELEC

    Driving Digital Transformation with Dynamics 365 Partners in India

    Grow, evolve, and transform every part of your business to meet the changing market and needs of your customers by implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM software from the best Microsoft dynamics crm partners in India.

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    Why Choose Us As Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners in india

    We focus to create an impression for businesses of all sizes. With our excellent services, we satisfied our clients from all over countries. Our CRM consulting firms provide the next generation of CRM and ERP applications, and can help you develop your business faster.

    CRM Expertise

    CRM Expertise



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    Cost effective

    Trusted dynamic crm partners

    Trusted dynamic crm partners

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    Address Skill Gaps

    Let’s develop a bold, fresh strategy to replace the outdated ways of doing things.

    Centralize your company’s activities using a more advanced and up-to-date ms dynamics crm that is customized to your needs. improve operations, Automate routine tasks and streamline entire corporate processes with a forward-thinking strategy to assure scalability.

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    Changes Businesses see after implementing the Dynamics 365 CRM

    Improved Customer Relationships

    Better Decision-Making at all levels of the organization

    Enhanced Sales, Marketing and Productivity

    High data security of sensitive customer information

    Improved Reporting and Analytics

    Benefits You Get From Using Dynamics 365

    You can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the cloud or in a hybrid cloud environment. It’s simple to manage and deploy in whichever way you need based on your budget and infrastructure. Since Dynamics 365 is cloud-based, it’s ideal for companies with a BYOD policy. Employees can easily access their Dynamics 365 apps from Outlook, a web browser or any mobile device.

    Dynamics 365 easily integrates with other Microsoft products, including the full Office 365 suite. These integrations allow companies to move from Dynamics 365 to Outlook for communication, to Power BI for data analytics or to SharePoint for documentation. The easier it is to work and move between apps, the less time employees have to spend transferring data between applications and learning new platforms.

    Dynamics 365 gives sales teams access to a wealth of insightful customer data – whether they’re working in the field or taking a call in the office. Your team will be able to craft fast responses and deliver information. And companies gain a complete picture of each prospect’s journey, allowing them to create more targeted selling experiences.

    Dynamics 365 features a variety of modules and built-in workflow tools you can use to automate tasks across sales, marketing, customer service, field service and project service. If the pre-built tools don’t fit exactly what you need, there’s no need to worry. Dynamics 365 also allows you to modify workflows to meet your needs. Use the customization tools to define additional fields and new objects in the system.

    Dynamics 365 collects massive amounts of valuable data on each customer. It analyzes the websites people visit, how they interact with brands, which communities they are a part of and more. Its BI tool can also identify customer sentiments, buying patterns and brand loyalty – data points that can’t be measured quantitatively but are highly relevant to the sales process. This information helps customer service reps handle each customer interaction on a case-by-case basis.

    Dynamics 365 can easily scale up or down depending on your current team size, budget and workload. Dynamics 365, like most other Microsoft cloud products, is based on an easy-to-change monthly subscription.

    Your employees can access just about any kind of data they need with Dynamics 365, so they can work more efficiently and cut down time searching for information. Employees can make better, more informed decisions, and they have all of the tools and insights they need at their fingertips. Instead of having to access ERP, CRM, data and Office applications separately, users can find everything they need on one platform.

    Microsoft offers competitive Dynamics 365 pricing plans for each market segment, lowering the costs depending on the number of purchased products. For example, having a comprehensive solution plan, such as Enterprise for Sales, you may get a lower price of $20 user/month for pretty much any licenses related to Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service modules.

    Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Pricing in India

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Pricing India is a critical aspect to consider for Industries looking to implement a ms dynamic CRM system. As companies in India strive to optimize their sales processes and improve customer satisfaction, having a comprehensive understanding of the pricing structure of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM becomes paramount.

    The cost of implementing this software solution involves various factors such as licensing, customization, ongoing support, and training. At dfyn tech Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Pricing is based on Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) pricing. If you have a Firm, Education, Government, or MPSA agreement your pricing will be dependent on your individual agreement. Have you seen Microsoft Dynamics 365 in action? Get a FREE live personalized demonstration.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a collection of business applications that includes the usual CRM and ERP features. Dynamics 365 has several important parts, including D365 Finance, Supply Chain, Sales, Service, Field Service, PSA, Business Central, and others.

    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Service management

    One of Microsoft Dynamics 365’s biggest features is a robust and safe database that may give you all the storage space you need to keep your organization operating properly.

    Engage with an experienced partner like DFYN Technologies who will guide you through this.

    Pick one, a few, or all of them. Dynamics 365 applications are built to integrate with one another, with your existing systems, and with other Dynamics 365 applications to provide an integrated approach that unifies your whole business.
    The customer relationship management application makes it simple for organizations to interact with customers, maintain client databases, create new leads, and handle customer support concerns.
    A business that has received permission from Microsoft to sell, implement, and support Microsoft Dynamics CRM software to its clients is known as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Dyfn Technology delivers top-notch services through a team that has undergone extensive training and certification.

    Let DFYN Tech Guide your CRM Journey

    No matter if you’re a long-time Dynamics CRM user or totally new to the game, DFYN Technologies is here to support you.