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Managed Support Services

With our Managed Support Services offerings, we deliver our customers a broad range of IT service solutions which aid in managing and supporting your IT infrastructure, Systems & Solutions. With flexible solutions, which can be tailored as per your specific requisites, we assure you to deliver the best suite of services which you can rely on.

DFYN aims to meet your specific and custom business requisites, and we ensure to optimize and fine tune your applications and infrastructure so that it can efficiently support your organizational objectives while achieving the resilience and performance levels demanded in today’s competitive business environment to stay ahead.

Looking for AMS Support? DFYN is Here!

Under its Managed IT Services, DFYN offers a range of Application Managed Services which include

We can help you maintain the right performance of the applications critical to your enterprise. With thorough monitoring activities, our team proactively diagnoses and fixes evolving slowdowns and failures before they get detected by end users.

Our troubleshooting expertsresolve occurring issues in your critical applications related to specific misbehaviors, slow request handling, runtime errors, component unavailability and poor data quality.

DFYN helps to ensure you applications stay current with changing business needs and goals. Our consultants conduct a detailed review of your applications and relevant business processes to modify applications (introducing automation and integrations, porting to new techs and platforms, restructuring solution) according to updated business policies, data, and workflows.

We make sure your applications are enhanced and updated with new versions required to face next-level challenges. With this range of offerings, DFYN AMS support promises you the applications that are future ready.

Why Choose Us?

DFYN is one of the top-notch names in the managed services as we operate in a wide range of markets and industry verticals.
With years of experience in serving different industries, we have developed an inimitable expertise in IT systems management, monitoring and supporting worldwide solutions.
With our global partnerships, we manage and support our clients IT needs in an efficacious manner.

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Some of the differentiating factors which make us different from our counterparts include:

• Flexible support plans that can be tailored to your needs
• Personal approach, we like to get to know our customers
• Our Support Plan is based on the category you choose.
• Assistance for non-support related queries; training, modifications, advice
• Accredited consultants with real world industry experience
• All versions of Dynamics supported
• Online portal to review solutions to issues and request assistance
• Fast resolution times
• 24/7/365 support available.
• Seasoned team of qualified and certified professionals
• Competitive prices

Benefits of Application Management Services

Application Management Services reduce maintenance costs and intervals by synchronizing design, development and testing efforts. Application Management Services also significantly increase business performance and revenue streams by improving the availability and performance of critical applications.

The monthly number of man-hours spent in meetings is greatly reduced in organizations with a proactive approach to Application Management. This results in a significant improvement in the productivity.

Application Management Services increase flexibility by reducing the time required to build and implement applications. An Application Management approach focused on end-user experience enables teams to improve efficiency because fewer staff are required to handle problems, which translates into lower operating costs because the number of problems and escalations decreases.

Application Management Services accelerate development through simplified integration and interconnected systems. Through DevOps, improved cooperation and knowledge sharing between the Service Desk, Application Operations and Application Development, problems can be solved more quickly. Recurring problems are resolved conclusively and unnecessary escalation is prevented. This allows Application Development to concentrate fully on development.

AMS reduce the risk of IT downtime and other forms of downtime for both your business and your customers. The team also employs best practices, which helps increase efficiency further when developing and implementing systems. All of this allows your company to remain focused on your core business.

Higher-quality applications will not only result in a better user experience, but also in more productive business interactions with internal and external users. As a result, quality will improve and deliverables will meet the needs and expectations of the stakeholders.

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